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Unicorn products


Earth Friendly, Fairytale clean.

Unicorn products are biodegradable and made in the USA. They are specifically designed to clean all types of natural fibres and at any stage of the lifecycle of the fibre. They can be used to clean the fibre for hand spinning, felting or dyeing through to washing your finished knitted, crocheted or woven garment. 

Power Scour is typically used for raw fibres, Fibre wash is typically used for finished garments and Fibre rinse is used for both as a conditioning and antistatic agent.

NEW: Beyond Clean is the fragrance free version of power scour. Perfect for washing baby items or if you are sensitive to fragrances!

The Unicorn products available are;

  • Power Scour "Dirt doesn't have a chance. Optimized cleaning of natural fibres. Maintains strength and natural beauty of the vitial fibre cuticle."
  • Fibre Wash "The ultimate wash for knits and delicates",
  • Fibre Rinse "Anti-static conditioning for fabrics, knitwear and fleece. Formulated to enhance the benefits of fibre wash and power scour."

Adagio Mills uses the Unicorn products in our process. For more information please contact us or the manufacturer's website is http://www.unicornclean.com/. 

These products are each available in three sizes. As this product is from the USA they are in imperial sizes, the corresponding metric size is as follows.

  • 4oz 118ml,
  • 16oz 473ml,
  • 1 GAL 3.78L

We also have commercial mill sizes available so please contact us if you need large quantities.