Saunders Poncho project pack
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Saunders Poncho project pack


Designed by Jess from The Sweater Collective, the Saunders Poncho is simply stunning! Jess has showcased the beauty of the natural colours in her elegant and timeless design.


  • Small/Medium (S/M): Width: 80cm [32"], Length: cropped – 50cm [20"], full length – 60cm [24"],
  • Medium/Large (M/L): Width: 113cm [44"], Length: cropped – 50cm [20"], full length – 60cm [24"],

To choose a size, measure how each width will fit from on of your arms to the other when they are both raised and lowered, across the back of your shoulders and decide where you prefer the edges of the poncho to sit. To choose the length, measure from the top of your shoulders down over the bust and stomach. Note that because of the poncho's rectangular shape, you will end up with additional length where the corners fall when your arms are lowered.


Adagio Mills Alpaca 8ply 95m 50g ball, samples pictured in Clouds

  • S/M cropped version:14 balls/700g 1330m,
  • S/M full length version: 16 balls/800g 1520m,
  • M/L cropped version: 19 balls/950g 1805m,
  • M/L full length version: 22 balls/1100g 2090m,

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