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Mount Canobolas Alpaca Scarf


Keep warm this winter with an Adagio Mills scarf! The beautiful Mt Canobolas Scarf will delight you with its drape, warmth and softness. Made of 100% Australian alpaca fibre. 80% Huacaya Alpaca for the softness and 20% Suri for lustre and silkiness. 

This scarf is named after Mount Canobolas, Orange is located at the foothills of Mt Canobolas and this mountain is so significant to the area as it is an extinct volcano so provided the rich soils that enables Orange and the Cabonne areas to have excellent soil for farming. Mt Canobolas was also significant to the indigenous Wiradjuri people of the area with several significant sites including rock carvings. The name today of Canobolas was a derivation of the Aboriginal name for the mountain, Gnoo Blas.

Pictured in Concerto, a mid grey and also available in Latte a dark fawn. 

The scarf is approximately 172x30cm, as it is a natural product the dimensions may vary a little. 

This scarf is one of the first of the Adagio Mills Winter 2019 collection that will be progressively released.