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Adagio Mills Knitting Project Embrace Shawl by Meg Gadsbey


We love the simplicity of the Embrace Shawl! Designed by Meg Gadsbey and it is fun for beginner and more advanced knitters alike. 

Showcasing the beautiful natural greys Meg has out done herself with the design of this beautiful shawl in 8ply yarn. The project pack includes the pattern and the yarn, 50g first colour, 50g second colour and 100g third colour. Pictured in Clouds then Concerto then Stormy Grey. We also love any of the natural colour combinations and here are our recommended ones

  • Clouds, Concerto and Stormy (pictured),
  • Clouds Concerto and Forte,
  • Natural White, Clouds, Concerto,
  • Natural White, Clouds, Stormy Grey,
  • Natural White, Baby Elephant Walk and Cinnamon Sugar

If there is another colour combination please let us know in the notes and we will pack it if it is in stock!

Additional materials required are 5mm circular needles of 80cm or longer.