Borenore Alpaca Beanie
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Borenore Alpaca Beanie


Keep warm this winter with an Adagio Mills beanie! The beautiful Adagio Mills beanies will delight you with their drape, warmth and softness. Made of 100% Australian alpaca fibre. 80% Huacaya Alpaca for the softness and 20% Suri for lustre and silkiness. 

The style is Borenore, a classic rib beanie where the rib travels all the way from the crown to the edge. Named for the district of Borenore, which is approximately 15km from Adagio Mills is beautiful farming land filled with wineries and orchards. The European settlers were in the area from the 1860's and named the district from the Aboriginal name for the area of Bora-Nora. A "Bora" is both the name given to the initiation ceremany for Indigenous Australians and the area where the ceremony is performed. A "Nora" is the overhanging rock near where the ceremony was held and may have referred to the caves found at Borenore.

The sizes are Child, Adult and Adult Large which measure approximately 18, 20 and 22cm respectively from crown to ear. 

We will ship your beanie as quickly as possible however since we are building up our stock levels of our beanies some may be made to order so please allow 3-5 business days for your beanie to ship. 

Pictured in Stormy Grey, the beanies are also available in Sonata, Concerto, Natural White and Vanilla Milkshake.