Adagio Mills back cupboard stash bargains
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Adagio Mills back cupboard stash bargains


First ever access to Adagio Mills back cupboard stash!

We have held back a few balls from every batch we have made, just in case one of our customers may have needed just a little bit more to finish their project. Quite a few of our lovely customers have be so very pleased to find out we have such a stash!

This has resulted in quite a large growing collection of awesome yarn building up in our back cupboard stash so we have decided to go through it and release some as bulk bargain packs for you!

In each pack there will be at least 500g of yarn. The packs are discounted for the following reasons

  • Advantage of bulk!
  • May be all of one or may be mixed colour,
  • May be more than one batch,
  • The balls may not be labelled,
  • The balls are likely to be less than 50g,
  • Some of the balls may have extra joins or in the case of our earlier batches a few flares,
  • All of one yarn weight so can be knitted together,
  • The yarn is all lovely and soft!
These bulk packs are a great bargain!