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Australian grown and made yarn


Is the yarn Australian made?

We are 100% Australian. The input fibre is grown in Australia. All parts of the process of manufacturing our yarn is done at our premises in Orange, NSW and our company is Australian owned. We are also licensed to carry the Australian made logo and they are displayed on our yarn labels.

Who is Adagio Mills?

Adagio Mills is a family business owned by Andrew and Nadine Hulme. We are a small team with currently 4 employees. We strongly believe that local manufacturing is possible and need to grow to be sustainable and to support local employment and farmers.

Adagio Mills commenced production in 2015 and is still in the early start up phase. We love sharing our journey with you so please check out our facebook, instagram, our website or Nadine's blog for more information about us, news and our start-up journey.

We also believe in sustainable manufacturing and farming. We recycle 95% of our water and minimise our waste. We have the aim to achieve zero waste and have a plan in place to be able to appropriately recycle our waste fibres and vegetable matter with further investment over the next 12 months.

Why is there vegetable matter in the yarn?

Whilst every effort is made in removing vegetable matter (VM), we do not have a carbonising process so there will be a small amount of VM left in the final product. Ultimately this is a good thing as we are not using the acids required by the carbonising process and is part of our care for the environment.

Do you use any dyes?

All of our colours are blended from natural alpaca fleece. Adagio Mills does not use any dyes.

We recommend that you knit with our yarns in a similar manner as you would for hand dyed yarns. As all colours are blended from natural alpaca fleece there may be small colour variations even within a batch. If this is a concern for your project then we would recommend to knit alternative rows from different balls of yarn. 

Is it possible to match yarn from different batches?

Each batch of yarn progresses through our mill as a separate entity so there will be small variations in colour and yarn weight between batches. We recommend that you purchase all of the yarn that you need for a project from one batch as no two batches will be exactly the same colour.

What are the care instructions for the yarn?

Hand wash in warm water only. Lay garment flat to dry. Alpaca fibre felts! So do not machine wash, do not tumble dry and do not use water hotter than you would comfortably feel with your hands.

Shipping information

We are currently using Australia Post for shipping. We will dispatch your order in the next business day whenever possible. If your order is urgent, please let us know! We are located in Orange NSW so shipping times will depend on Australia Post's delivery terms from our location to yours.

Australia wide shipping rates

  • Standard shipping flat rate $8.00,
  • Express shipping flat rate $10.00,
  • Free shipping for orders over $100,

International shipping rates

  • Standard shipping flat rate $15.00.
  • Free shipping for orders over $200,

Please contact us for more detailed shipping information.


We only accept returns where there is a fault with the product. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, please contact us to discuss. 

What does Adagio mean and why Adagio Mills?

Andrew and Nadine met playing music in various concert bands in Sydney and at the time Andrew was a professional conductor and trumpet player. Music has always been a very key part of our relationship and lives. So when we moved to Orange and bought our small farm we called it Adagio which is an Italian musical term which means "restful; at ease" and is referring to a tempo or speed of music. Adagio was how our property made us feel, see the pictures on our blog and you will see why! So when we decided to stock alpacas our breeder name became Adagio Alpacas and it made sense to continue the theme with our mill, Adagio Mills. We have registered the trading names Adagio Mills and Adagio Alpaca Mills. 

How do you pronounce Adagio?

If you are unfamiliar with the musical term it can be hard to pronouce or describe. The best approximation we have is Aa-daa-ji-o. Hope that helps!

Is everything in your online store Australian made?

We are doing our very best to stock Australian made whenever possible. The only items not Australian made are the circular knitting needles and Unicorn products. We have been unable to source Australian made circular knitting needles so have decided to stock the German made Addi click system. We use Unicorn products in our process and by popular demand have be able to make this product available to our customers as well.