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Australian grown and made yarn

Adagio Mills Suri and Suri blend yarns

Adagio Mills Suri and Suri blend yarns


Adagio Mills suri and suri-huacaya blends are luxuriously soft and drapey. The 100% suri yarn is lustrous, soft and drapey and the suri blends have the lusture of the suri fibre with the familar softness and drape of a huacaya alpaca yarn.

Alpacas come in two different types,

  • Huacaya alpacas - the cuddly teddy bear looking alpacas and
  • Suri alpacas - the alpacas that have long flowing locks that at times resemble dreadlocks, 

The majority of alpaca yarns are made from Huacaya fleece as it processes and knits or crochets up in a similar way to yarns made of wool. The Suri fleece is a little different. It is typically a fibre that has a different style of crimp, more of a wave, and is characterised by its sheen and drape. For the same reasons it is beautiful it also makes it challenging to process.  

We are developing our range of 100% suri yarns and suri-huacaya blended yarns. We are very excited to release the first of these... A 40% suri blend in our stormy grey colourway! 

Descriptions of the individual yarns

  • Stormy Suri - A 40% blend of suri with 60% huacaya alpaca fibre in our most popular colourway stormy grey.