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Australian grown and made yarn


Adagio Mills 8ply alpaca yarn 50g ball


Adagio Mills 8ply yarns are classic yarns that are so soft and squishy that you will just want to hug them. Available in gradients from white to black through grey, brown or rosegreys makes it a versatile yarn. 

Yarn details

  • 100% Australian Alpaca
  • 50g ball at standard conditions,
  • Approx 95m,
  • Tension: 22sts and 30 rows to 10cm on 4mm knitting needles
  • Gentle hand wash only in warm water,
  • Do not machine wash,
  • Do not tumble dry,

Adagio Mills 8ply alpaca yarn can be substituted into any pattern requiring 8ply or DK yarn that calls for the same tension.  

All colours are blended from the natural alpaca fibres and hence no dyes are used.

Description of the individual yarns

  • White - natural white,
  • Clouds - the lightest of our grey range, reminds us of its namesake,
  • Sonata - a light grey that is suitable in any situation,
  • Symphony - the start of our mid greys and in some light can be difficult to tell apart from Sonata,
  • Concerto - a bolder grey and is the mid point of our grey gradient,
  • Stormy Grey - reminds us of the darkening sky just before a big storm hits,
  • Requiem - it is as dark as the name suggests yet still soft and comforting, 
  • Forte - Charcoal grey that is almost black with hints of white is aptly named Forte, it balances beautifully the darker end of the greyscale,
  • Black - blended from natural black fibres this yarn has a depth of colour that is rarely seen in black yarns and garments,
  • Bay black - blended from "true black" and "bay black" fibres, this yarn has a lovely sheen with a slight brown influence to the black giving a depth of colour,
  • Brahms - a deliciously dark brown yarn,
  • Harmony Brown - a mid brown,
  • Vanilla Milkshake - a sweet treat made from light fawn and white fibre, current available batch 20160308
  • Weathered Wood - a recreation of one of our experiments that were surprisingly wonderful! The blend of black, dark brown and fawn fibres give an impression of the effect of weathered wood.  
  • Chocolate indulgence - a blend of mid brown fibres with a hint of lighter browns sneaking through,
  • Latte - Warm, comforting and oh so soft! This yarn reminds us a good latte.
  • Chai - a light fawn between Vanilla Milkshake and Latte,
  • Fudge - gooey chocolotey goodness and the yarn is no exception!

Limited Editions

Many of our colourways are repeatable but some are seasonal and won't ever be repeated quite the same way. Usually yarns made with browns such as Rosegreys or experimental browns will be in this category. So if you like these ones you'll need to be quick!

  • Bulldust - A beautiful but experimental brown blend that became nick named by the Adagio Team as bulldust and the name has stuck! So come and join our little bit of nonsense and whimsical fun with this yarn! Very very similar to weathered wood,
  • Spring morning rosegrey and Spring Evening rosegrey are the currently available rosegrey shades. The spring morning and evening rosegreys were blended from the same brown base blend then additional white was blended to the spring morning and additional black to the spring evening rosegreys to create two co-ordinating rosegrey yarns,
  • Summer breeze rosegrey - a light, mainly grey rosegrey. The brown tones are so light they almost have a pink hue,